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Recently we met a new friend named Rachel who was willing to help add new excellent material to Two new additions are Compelling Love of God in several languages, and Unlocking Bible Prophecy by Cami Oetman in many languages. Just this week Rachel added 23 new language pages including Kinande, Lozi, Luo, Ovambo, Tumbuka, Venda, Altai, Garo, Hmar, Koryak, Mara, Pampangan, Pangasinan, Santali, Zomi, Bhojpuri, Dayak, Abkhazian, Azar, Rusyn, Serbo-Croatian, Akawaio, Rarotongan. Explore these sites and share



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If you cannot find your language here, explore the language list at the Jesus Film

If you would like to buy a Bible in various languages try AustraliaCanada, United Kingdom, United States and Multi-Language Media

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